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MaryRachel Bulkeley

I am a senior at UNC-Chapel Hill, Journalism & Latin double major and Philosophy-Politics-Economics minor. I was born in Miami, FL and grew up in Black Mountain, NC.


Here are a few other things about me:

  • Besides doing school (wooo!), I am a part-time freelance photographer, media developer, and consultant. Here is my portfolio.
  • I love to run. I joined UNC's Club XC team this year.
  • TEDxUNC gives me live, as to Trader Joe's Banana Chocolate Chip muffins.
  • trader joe's banana chocolate chip muffins

    MEJO 121 Final Project Idea:

    FALL 2017

    My proposed idea is to make a behind-the-scenes story with the UNC Athletics Director of Athletic Photography. Who is behind the great photograph of the UNC football player colliding mid-air with the Cal State player? you might ask. Who takes the photos of the women's volleyball team for the posters you see in Sutton's? Or on campus? one marvels. Through working with him, I have seen his process and all the work that goes into aking the UNC sports teams have a prominent visual presence on campus. More people would be intrigued by his story. This would be a human interest and sports story.